Winters in the Mifflinburg area never give much warning. Those frigid days and freezing nights hit hard and fast, and your furnace better be ready. The last thing you want is to wait for replacement parts when the temperature drops into single digits. The best prevention is fall maintenance. Call Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC to schedule service for your heating equipment before you need it most.

By setting up maintenance in the fall season, you’ll avoid the rush of desperate home owners who procrastinated, flipped that thermostat switch and were greatly disappointed. Your furnace will be ready to handle the workload, operate more efficiently and last longer because of yearly attention. You’ll actually save money. Regular maintenance, performed by the Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC heating specialists, ensures lower operation costs, because a clean, lubricated system resists wear and tear and component failure, eliminating repair costs and boosting energy savings.

Dirt is the enemy. You dedicate a lot of time dusting, vacuuming, cleaning your home to get rid of dust and debris. Your furnace, as one of the most expensive appliances in your home, needs monthly filter changes and yearly internal cleaning. As dirt builds up on components such as the motor, air handler or heat exchanger, it creates friction. Efficiency decreases, and the furnace loses the capacity to generate heat. In other words, you’re paying higher utility bills for less comfort. And eventually, wear and tear leads to breakdowns and more unnecessary expense.

Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective solution to needless heating costs. Lower energy usage. Improve performance and air quality. Prevent repairs. Extend the life of your system. There’s no downside. The qualified professionals from Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC make annual service convenient and affordable. We arrive at the scheduled time and complete the work efficiently. Our certified heating technicians will perform a full-scale inspection of equipment to identify problems and replace any defective components. A comprehensive cleaning will make sure that dirt buildup is removed so that friction is reduced, enhancing efficiency. We will further check all related components such as ductwork, humidifiers or air cleaners.

When you contact Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC for preventative maintenance, trust our team of skilled servicemen to perform a thorough and conscientious inspection and cleaning. We deliver peace of mind. Let us keep you warm and worry-free this winter. Call Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC for annual service.