Would you like to depend on your air conditioner for uninterrupted cooling year after year? Would you like your equipment to work at maximum efficiency, operate quietly, and rarely, if ever, require repair? That’s a tall order, but when you schedule annual service from Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC, we deliver lasting comfort.

Air conditioning is a considerable investment. SEER was probably a big factor in the make and model you chose for your home. You equipment can’t live up to the manufacturer’s specifications without yearly tune-ups. Dirt undermines efficiency, longevity and performance. Dust and debris build up while your equipment is in use and during the winter season, insulating coils, clogging filters and condensate drains and reducing your system’s ability to absorb heat and control moisture. Not only will system efficiency and performance steadily decline, resulting in noisy operation, unstable humidity levels and higher energy bills, but as water condenses on interior components, mold and bacteria will become a problem.

Save Money With Annual A/C Service

Preventative maintenance is your best investment in dependable home cooling. Seasonal service readies your equipment for the heavy summer workload, and when performed by the trained specialists from Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC, eliminates approximately 50% of potential repairs. Time and cost is minimal and you’ll enjoy the savings of lower utility bills year after year.

As your equipment ages, wear and tear is inevitable. Without troubleshooting, minor problems quickly turn into major repairs. When you put annual service on your spring to-do list, the certified specialists from Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC will pinpoint any potential problems, replace damaged or worn components, perform a thorough cleaning and complete a full system analysis. Working from a comprehensive checklist, the professionals from Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC will restore your cooling unit to the dependable and refreshing source of comfort you rely on to battle the summer heat.

You can trust Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC

Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC offers convenient and cost-effective plans to service all makes and models, and fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Our comfort specialists make it easy to keep your cooling equipment in tip-top condition. Call us to speak with a courteous and knowledgeable professional.