Are you in the market for a new heating system? Wondering which make and model is best suited to where you live? Are you worried about wasting energy and paying needlessly high utility bills? Are you concerned over Indoor Air Quality? Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC can answer these questions with precision comfort, unprecedented efficiency, quieter operation and clean, filtered air. Our trained technicians have the experience and industry-knowledge to determine the appropriate equipment size to properly heat your home and ensure comfort and efficiency. Our knowledgeable team of professionals sees to it that your warranty, maintenance plan, financing and any rebate forms are properly processed. We make sure the choice and installation of your new furnace is as rewarding as the warmth you’ll enjoy this winter.

Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC offers the top names in the industry, bringing you the highest level of options, and allowing us to match you with the ideal heating system for your needs. Our name brand products are names people recognize and trust for proven reliability, state-of-the-art technology, Energy Star labeled products and a versatile range of pricing and features. Unique heat exchanger design, variable-speed blower technology, two-stage gas valves, programmable thermostats, electronic air filters, UV treatment systems and humidification systems are some of the latest, exciting developments in home comfort and air quality. Call us and discuss your options!

New furnaces are much more efficient than their counter parts from ten or more years ago. Compared to outdated AFUE ratings of about 65%, the lowest efficiency now allowed by law for new gas furnaces if 78%. Modern industry-leading models achieve near total efficiency with AFUE ratings of 98%. An energy-efficient furnace can help save hundreds of dollars a year in utility bills, reduce repairs, last longer, operate quieter and provide superior comfort for your heating investment.

Improper installation can reduce system efficiency by up to 30%, shortening the system’s lifespan and reducing comfort. The Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC heating technicians will make absolutely certain the sheet metal fittings are done properly, preventing air from leaking around the new furnace. We’ll take the time to inspect, clean and unclog ductwork for maximum efficiency. From the smallest detail to the biggest concern, our team of conscientious servicemen exceeds expectations.

Enhance the comfort of your home while saving energy and protecting the environment. Enjoy perfect temperature control and ideal warmth this winter without the worry of high utility bills and inconvenient repairs. Call Mid-State Mechanical Contractors, LLC for the utmost in integrity and professional service.